Hago lo mejor que puedo con el traductor. Los enlaces están en inglés. Minutia Es verano, y vivir es fácil. En el camino a los comunes, la gente se ha desplegado del frío. Son amables y hellos son próximos. No es que se detengan a hablar con un extraño, un saludo rápido basta. El agua... Continue Reading →

The Price of Compassion

  Compassion. What’s it worth? How much do we charge for it? Foreign concepts? Not so. The monetizing of compassion is well under way. When did it start? Was it always so? Whooaaaa—so many questions. Time to slow down and try to answer them. Perhaps I’ll tell you a story instead. This story is partially... Continue Reading →

Women are Declining to Breed

Motherhood was driven into me from childhood.  Schools even promoted it.  I was required to take Home Economics though I wanted to do Wood Shop.  But school could never have prepared me for what happened. Through no fault of my own, I became a single mother. I was on the dreaded Welfare. I railed against... Continue Reading →

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