There was an Old Woman Named Sarah

I remember Sarah. I find it hard to stay in the now with my writing. Now is weaving down the hall like a drunk—plunking away at the keyboard with two fingers. But I remember Sarah. She was my best friend’s mother. At 84, and living in assisted living, she was a bright spot in my... Continue Reading →

The Price of Compassion

  Compassion. What’s it worth? How much do we charge for it? Foreign concepts? Not so. The monetizing of compassion is well under way. When did it start? Was it always so? Whooaaaa—so many questions. Time to slow down and try to answer them. Perhaps I’ll tell you a story instead. This story is partially... Continue Reading →

Elder Abuse

  Sadie heard the commotion downstairs. It was loud enough to disturb her tenants. Sadie took her responsibility to her tenants seriously. Then there was her son who put up with the constant abuse this woman dealt out. She feared for everyone—including herself. Sadie made her way downstairs slowly, carefully. Age forced this. One stair at a... Continue Reading →

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