Elder Abuse

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Elder Abuse

Sadie heard the commotion downstairs. It was loud enough to disturb her tenants. Sadie took her responsibility to her tenants seriously. Then there was her son who put up with the constant abuse this woman dealt out. She feared for everyone—including herself.

Sadie made her way downstairs slowly, carefully. Age forced this. One stair at a time towards danger. Her heart revolted—blood plunging through it with anticipation. She was afraid.

Sadie had already lost one tenant due to her son’s girlfriend’s drug-addled dementia. She couldn’t afford to lose another. The woman slammed doors so violently the house trembled, and she screamed her rage at empty ears. It happened so often almost nobody listened.

Sadie entered the second floor with trepidation. Each step towards the commotion in the front of the house was laced with fear. Her son was not going to stop anything. He knew of his mother’s plight and did nothing. It…

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Women are Declining to Breed

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Women Are Declining To Breed

Motherhood was driven into me from childhood.  Schools even promoted it.  I was required to take Home Economics though I wanted to do Wood Shop.  But school could never have prepared me for what happened.

Through no fault of my own, I became a single mother. I was on the dreaded Welfare. I railed against government help and sought a profession. But my interviews for jobs cost more than I could rightly afford, and I called Welfare for help. I received about $150. Twice a month, and childcare for each interview cost about $90. I was so insistent the Welfare office finally told me I could get assistance if I signed a Section 51A. Imagine my horror when I found out that a Section 51A was a child abuse and neglect order. I didn’t sign.

When I finally found a position, I called Welfare and told them I no longer…

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Politics has become a team sport. I like to avoid politics like the Plague. It’s always a tumultuous topic. And opinions are like assholes—everybody has one. But lately, it seems like the assholes are winning.

I adored my grandmother, but she helped me understand the mind of the voter. I eventually described her as: If there was a turd in the road with the label of her team on it, she would vote for it. Never did the thought of voting for what was right enter her mind. She was an avid Yankees fan, but if a Yankee ran for office without her branded mindset, I suspect she would have discarded that Yankee. When I broached a political issue, a defiant gleam took over her eyes, and I knew enough to shut up and silently gnaw on my words.  Yes folks–politics has become a team sport

Now I do mean…

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Am I a Racist?

  I’ve been pondering this story for a long time. Istiak, a stoic Bangledeshi, piqued my interest. I viewed his demeanor with humor as he practically grunted through purchases I made at a local convenience store. More than anything, I wanted to see him smile. He has such a beautiful face… His coworker is Guatemalan. Hmmm—there’s a pattern here. I... Continue Reading →

A writer died

A writer died and was given the option of going to heaven or hell. She decided to check out each place first. As the writer descended into the fiery pits, she saw row upon row of writers chained to their desks in a steaming sweatshop. As they worked, they were repeatedly whipped with thorny lashes.... Continue Reading →

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Salem Hospital; Child Abuse

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Doctors are Gods; are they not? I don’t think so, but they think they are. I once had a doctor say to me,

“Things are getting better.”

And he was right—for doctors—not for patients.

The Atlanta Journal Consitution wrote a scathing review of physicians involved in sexual assault and rape. Board of Medicines (BOM) in each state often merely provided a slap on the wrists of the offenders. The legal system, meant to protect the victim, often defers to those entities charged with protecting us. But the BOMs are protecting doctors, not patients, so we—the little guys—are left without something we hold so dear—justice.

Doctors, very typically, do not speak out against their colleagues. It’s taboo to do so. Those charged with our care hunker down and protect each other. It’s almost as if the patient is the enemy. Records are manipulated; information left…

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My Journey With Multiple Sclerosis

'This Side of Life'

My Journey with Multiple Sclerosis.

I woke up this morning, and my right hand was completely dead. I mean like this dead tumor hanging off the end of my arm. Like a skin tag. No feeling—no sensation—and my mind was screaming something about writing. How am I going to write?  The only way I could tell that I had my right hand is I could see it.

I looked at my hand and willed it to move. There was nothing at first; then after what seemed to be many long moments–movement. I still have not breathed a sigh of relief. I can only think of what’s to come. My right hand is dying. This movement is a fleeting respite. In what will seem like a split second, it will simply stop responding to my commands to operate.

I’ve lost my legs twice. The best description I could come to is it was like air between my hips and the floor. I…

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Digital Dinosaur in English y en Español

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Digital Dinosaur in English y en Espaniol

Yup—I’m sort of a digital dinosaur when it comes to professional media. I found comfort and camaraderie when I read Joel Anderson’s https://www.bebee.com/producer/@joel-anderson/slow-on-the-uptake-but-not-anymore-well-ok-maybe-still-a-little-slow-but-hey-i-m-a-digital-immigrant.

It was close, but I got no banana.

My mind grinds to a halt when graphics confronts me in Spanish. They look so sweet—still no banana. I got lost in the translation of

Javier🐝 beBee ‘s https://www.bebee.com/content/1556767/1370167. Not even noticing there was a link to an easily translatable text that I could copy and paste into Google translator until Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar pointed it out.  My mind was grumbling through what translation I could do in my head, but my classes in Espanol were so long ago…  Thank you, Irene, for making me pause enough to realize there was more.  I grit my teeth and try to stumble through some of the wonderful graphics in Spanish.  But the text in graphics cannot be copied and pasted into a translator.  It’s why I…

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Business, Business, Business, and Rules in English y en Español

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Business, Business, Business, and Rules in English y en Español

My gut reaction is to say I have no business acumen, but that’s not true. There are a few instances when a business-sense has been required of me.

I had dogs here: https://www.bebee.com/producer/@joyce-bowen/the-business-of-canines. I needed an acute sense of business to accomplish my goals, but admit I did not look at them as a “product.” Many, I know, did; I lost money taking up the slack of others. I took in strays and the discarded.

I am also a landlord. As such, I am bound by regulations imposed by my city, state, and insurance company. I follow the rules for the most part. It is difficult to get tenants to understand that at times. I have formulated a ‘rental agreement’ over the last decades to try to ensure people know The Rules before they move in. They are rules I am bound by and rules to ensure they know the destruction of my property won’t fly. I am bound by rules that say I have to…

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