Backlash of the Sexes?

Lisa Vanderburg in Morals and ethics, Lifestyle, Communications and journalism4 h ago · 5 min read ·  +100 I confess; I’m clearly not the sharpest tack, nor the most informed of people. The reasons are unimportant. Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee's buzz Survivors vs Victims is about rape. Not an easy topic, nothing bright and breezy, just the awful truth of it in... Continue Reading →


Survivors VS Victims

I’ve been sick for weeks; groveling in tributes to my body in the form of chicken soup and OJ. Lowering myself to this status began when I attended a speaking engagement on sexual assault and rape at a local college. I coughed mightily throughout the presentation. By the next day, both the experience and illness... Continue Reading →

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UMass, Lowell

It will be my pleasure and honor to speak to a group of students on the topic of sexual assault and rape at Umass Lowell's Alumni Hall this evening. Sept 27, at 7 PM.

Kim Jong Un and the great devil Trump

You should like this one, Jim Murray. When I first heard of the death of Kim Jong-il, I was riddled with the hope that his son would become a great leader—bringing his country, and perhaps the world, into a new era of light and enlightenment. What a shmuck I was. As a psychologist and a behaviorist, I look deep into... Continue Reading →

JFK’s Dreams For Children

'This Side of Life'

JFK's Dreams for Children

John F Kennedy would be 100. It’s a celebration of a birthday many of us never see. JFK lives on because of his many good works and ideas.

I remember being about eleven and being glued to the television, watching the events transpired in Dallas, Texas. I was heartbroken but didn’t know why. I had written to Jackie Kennedy and invited her and the children to visit. When I didn’t get a response, I wrote again and received a reply explaining that it would not be possible. The response lifted my spirits, and, in retrospect, I marvel that they responded to the request of a child.

The Years passed, and my view became more jaded. I looked at the Kennedys as silver-spoon babies. I was wrong. The Kennedys I knew were true humanitarians.

In researching laws protecting children, I found that JFK was one of the best children’s activists we had at the…

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An Incorporated World is in the Offing

'This Side of Life'

An Incorporated World is in the Offing (y en español)Pamela 🐝 Williams jarred me from my complacent dream with her piece:

I’ve tried to ignore what I’ve considered to be an evolutionary backslide for quite a while. I hunker down in my dream and hope events will bypass me, but I know in my heart they won’t.

I’m embarking on a journey of relying on a system that might not be in place for much longer. I’m going from feeling fiercely independent to dependency. I will be applying for the dreaded Medicaid soon. I see that going the way of the dinosaurs if the new ACA gets passed.

ScyFy channel recently promoted a series by the name of Incorporated. It is the world where Governments no longer exist, and Corporations run the world. In it, people no longer scream for living wages; they scream for survival. The have-nots are grateful for jobs cleaning the Haves’ houses and toilets. The have-nots become the discarded. The Haves desperately hold on…

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